The Living Universe Foundation is a community of thinkers with the goal of ensuring the eternal prosperity of life in our universe. Humanity is the only known species capable of bearing this great task, and we must work collaboratively toward objectives that span centuries and solar systems. To reach our full potential, we must mature beyond Nation-States, beyond the protective womb of Earth and extend our reach to the stars, carrying an abundance of life with us.

Before we can colonize space, we must first get our own house in order. Once we learn to live sustainably on Earth, we can create sustainable colonies in space. As we learn to reuse and recycle everything within the limited biosphere of our single small planet, we will be teaching ourselves how to live in closed eco-systems like orbital stations and sealed lunar and planetary colonies. As we learn to utilize renewable energy on Earth, we will learn how to efficiently power colonies in space. When we learn how to eliminate poverty on Earth, we will be able to secure prosperity and abundance for an endless expansion of pioneers. As we master efficient food production on Earth, we will be able to feed our expanding civilization in space. But our efforts in space will always follow our successes here on Earth.

Humanity has a long journey ahead of it; like all journeys, there is a risk of getting lost along the way. The Living Universe Foundation’s vision is a roadmap to a future and a Universe glowing with life.