Today on Mars Sol 255

Today on Mars:

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Martian Year: 35 Martian Month in 12 month format: 4
Solar Longitude: 118.3 Sol Number: 255

Previous SL: 117.9 Previous Sol: 254

Note that Solar Longitude measurement varies as a function of location in orbit.

Sol 255 is in Month 10 of a Proposed 24 month calendar. See Post 19 of Holidays topic for a summary.
Month 10 extends from Sol 252 through 279. See post 82 of Holidays topic for current details. <<== There are 28 days in Month 10
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Sol 255 is Wednesday in the Proposed calendar for Mars.

The Next New Year on Mars will occur when Solar Longitude reaches 360 degrees.
The next Skip Day will occur near December 22nd. At that time the days of the week will be back in alignment.

For current weather on Mars at Insight location, see:


Per SpaceNut: Here is another web page by NASA containing the latest news releases


All forum members are invited to post significant events for this day.
Events of interest will be ON Mars, or relate to Mars. Examples are launches, landings, discoveries

The topic My Hacienda is set up to encourage up to 2750 forum members to build a virtual community.
Each participant “claims” a square kilometer of surface, and shares below surface with the community.
Each Hacienda is a participant in the economy of a thriving interdependent free market.
Each Hacienda provides at least one product or service, and multiple products or services are welcome.

As of this Sol, the number of plots established in Sagan City (2018) is: > 1 (inventory pending) [Thanks to everyone who registered!]

Recruiting Announcement: People are needed to participate in the Sagan City (2018) Virtual Community

The concept is to imagine life on Mars at the level of current 1st Tier civilization on Earth. This community is assumed well past startup phases.

The objective is to gain a clear understanding of the operation of market forces in a community of 2750 plots. Community members have needs.

The market is there to meet those needs. The first step is to identify the needs.

I’d like to thank the members of the Mars Society whose financial support allows the NewMars forum database to flourish.

Month 10 of 24: – Quarter 2 of 4 [Months 7-12] (This month has 28 days)

Appendix 1: (Note to SpaceNut) Thank you for the list of syndication pathways in #413

Note to Luf.Org readers: NewMars Forum is considering syndication of this daily report. The potential audience is unknown, and perhaps unknowable.

I confess to finding some of the names on the list to be intimidating. It is ONE thing to offer a daily post in a “safe” environment such as the NewMars forum, and quite another to make a commitment to production of a daily update for distribution to larger numbers of people.

An issue that should be of concern as well, is how to insure continuity of the updates if a contract ** is ** signed. That’s a hurdle for a future (hypothetical) time, but one that cannot be avoided if the venture is to proceed.


Author: Tom Hanson

I was privileged to be able to participate in the 2011 reboot of Lufteam in Yahoo Groups. I am delighted to see this latest undertaking on behalf of the LUF idea, and will attempt to help as much as possible. In case anyone is interested, I posted for a couple of years at, and I am currently participating in posting at (th)

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