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Hey All,

Much of the articles should be familiar if you follow this thread, but I’m doing a series on my blog about construction architectures on Mars.  So far parts one and two are up:

Construction on Mars, Part One: General Principles and Design Assessment Criteria: In this post I give a broad overview of design constraints and produce the following six criteria for evaluation:

  1. The structure sustains a pressurized atmosphere
  2. The structure provides protection from radiation
  3. The structure is failure resistant
  4. The structure is failure tolerant
  5. The structure can be constructed in an affordable way
  6. The structure is useful as such

Construction on Mars, Part Two: Design, Details, and Evaluation: In this post I go into the details of my design (familiar to you all from this thread) and discuss how it meets the criteria described in Part One. 

The next posts are going to discuss materials and specifications (IE dimensions), Construction technology and methods, setups for different functions, building entire settlements using these structures as units, and more!

Interested in hearing your comments and thoughts.


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